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what others have said about C Mike Jousan

Dick Brooks"I had the opportunity to work with Mike Jousan when I was a young athlete. His training helped me gain the competence required of elite athletes for interviews and media. I am confident in my skills thanks to him!" - Melissa Gregory - United States Olympian - The Rink at Brookfield Place with Gregory & Petukho, NYC

Dick Brooks"I first met Mike Jousan soon after I became Chairman of Central and South West Corporation in 1991. While the professionals and executives in our corporation were excellent at engineering, construction. accounting and operating an electric system we were not good at making presentations and presenting ideas orally. We sought out a professional speech consultant and were lucky to find Mike.

He became my personal presentation and speech coach and helped me to improve my skills in this area tremendously. He also coached all of our senior executives, helping each of them to improve their presentation skills and gain self conficence as well. In addition, he taught numerous seminars to large numbers of our employees.

Mike is an expert in helping people improve their communication skills and enhance their professional presence. I recommend him highly." - E.R. "Dick" Brooks - Former Chairman Central and South West Corp.

denise resnik"Mike enables us to overcome each of our unique personal challenges associated with public speaking. After more than a decade of being married to a formal script, he helped me understand the importance of speaking and engaging the audience with what's not only in my head, but in my heart--and lose the formal script! His work with our senior team at the Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC) has built many powerful and confident public presenters." - Denise D. Resnik - Founder and President - DRA Strategic Communications

bob woodruff“I am going to work for ABC News - ‘THE’ network. I got the job I told you I wanted you to get me! Thanks for all the training. It paid off!” - Bob Woodruff - ABC News correspondent

ken mangum“Dealing with the media has become a very big part of Major Championship golf. It is an opportunity that can be a huge benefit, if you are prepared to handle all the request that come your way. I am so glad that I had the media training offered by GCSAA while I was on the GCSAA Board. I have continued to work with Mike Jousan of Clear Communication over the years. This training helped me get through all the interviews and the press conference on the Golf Channel. I have received as many compliments on my interviews as I have on the condition of the course. If you are having a major, I highly recommend training with Mike.  - Ken Mangum - Golf Course Superintendent - ATLANTA ATHLETIC CLUB - (Site of 2011 PGA Tournament)

nick akins"Early in my career I worked with Mike Jousan in presentation skills training. I still use the skills I learned from him in my work to this day. I highly recommend him for executive coaching and training for those "on the way up" in their organizations." - Nick Akins, President, American Electric Power, Columbus, Ohio

jonathan read"Just a quick note to endorse Mike and his work. Mike worked with us extensively on presentations for various audiences, with an emphasis on institutional investors, financial investors, and major government agencies. He was wonderful in bringing my team up to a top level of communication skills (and, even though I have been raising money around the world for over 30 years he sharpened my skills as well!)

Since engaging Mike we have successfully raised over $35m in equity and received government stimulus grants in excess of $108m. Mike might want to claim complete credit for this, but the truth be known, being able to clearly communicate our Company and its potential played a very large role in our success.

I would highly recommend Mike for any project."
- Jonathan R Read, President/CEO Ecotality Inc.

kurt greve"Mike Jousan has my full support and confidence as a professional who incorporates his many years of experience into the teaching and learning process. He has a special way of involving people. He played a significant role in staff motivation and for setting our standards in providing the highest level of communication skills needed at our high-end membership club. I give full support to anyone who employs, contracts or works with him." - Kurt Greve, PGA Member and Director, Golf Operations – The Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore and formerly General Manager/Director of Golf, DragonRidge Golf & Country Club in Las Vegas, Nevada.

jim bruner“Mike, thank you for your help in coaching me for the Man of the Year speech. You were a God send. Your guidance was a tremendous help to me. I felt very comfortable on the podium, tried to have some humor along the way and hopefully left a few words of wisdom for the group. I have had numerous comments, fortunately positive, about the various elements of the speech. Your approach was positive and supportive. You are a great coach! I couldn't have done this without you..” - Jim Bruner - Vice President, MUTUAL OF OMAHA BANK - 2011 Man of the Year recipient, Valley Leadership, Phoenix, Arizona

gary kaplan“Mike Jousan has coached me personally and worked with numerous executives and members of my teams. He is far more than a teacher. He is an excellent model of presentation skills, and he gives feedback in a supportive and non-threatening fashion. He doesn't try to change you. He brings out what's best in you. We see immediate improvement when he works with our executives. I highly recommend him....”- Gary Kaplan - President, Construction - XL Group

kris westbrooks"Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom with me over the past two days. Your feedback and kind words of advice will stay with me throughout my career, and I greatly appreciate all of your personal feedback." - Kris Westbrooks - The Procter & Gamble Company, Home Care – Finance

angela schunk"Mike, Congratulations on your stellar feedback results! P&Gers are typically pretty stingy on the “5” ratings, so I know your training is outstanding to get straight 5’s." - Angela Schunk, Procter and Gamble

"I wanted to thank you again for the great training you provided this week at P&G. This is the best training I have received internal or external to P&G. I believe your class had an immediate, positive impact on my communication skills. With continued practice of the techniques and guidance provided in your class, I am confident my communication skills will improve significantly! However, I am not perfect, so I am looking forward to fine-tuning them even more in a future class of yours!" - Charlie Garrison - Bounty Senior Financial Analyst

"I took so much away from the training and feel I can continue to improve with each presentation. In addition, I will use these techniques with my sales team and encourage a session with video. It is such a great way to see the "bad habits." - Keith Norris, Director of Sales - East Region - ARAMARK UNIFORM SERVICES

“I really enjoyed your blend of skill, enthusiasm, and humor in the class. Although humbling, the video tape exercise was an excellent tool for learning where my presentation skills need the most work. I left there with a renewed recognition of the importance of visual and vocal image, as well as practical advice that I can (and already have) apply now - whether in presentations or my daily one-on-one communications." - J. C. Barnes, Esq. - Senior Counsel - American Electric Power

“Because of the candid and sometimes humorous feedback, I can easily say that this was the best public speaking seminar that I have been to!” - John W. Martell, CPCU - Regional Sales Director - TRAVELERS PROPERTY CASUALTY

“I don’t remember being this impressed with an educational speaker at any time since I started working for the PGA.”  - Susan Breaux - Executive Director - ROCKY MOUNTAIN SECTION, PGA

“All of us at Visibillity want to thank you for the terrific training session. Each of us learned many things from you. Your "clear communication" will definitely help Visibillity to better communicate our messages to our customers, investors, and friends.”  - Harold Rhodes - VISIBILLITY INC.

“We can't wait to have you soon as possible...for more Media Training. People just raved; you were terrific!” - Margaret Daniels.- ARIZONA LEAGUE OF CITIES AND TOWN


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