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Remote Coaching

You will learn:

• How to connect with an audience, even if you can’t see them.

• How to use your voice and speech to enhance the impact of your presentation.

• How to frame yourself on Zoom- make optimal use of the limited space and movement the format permits, and use effective lighting and background.

• To find inventive ways to shape your presentation - When to speed up, when to slow down, be loud or soft, when to pause, when to stop and let something sink in, or make them wait for it.

• How to work the arc of the piece - introduce an idea, drive toward a climax, make the impact, and then the denouement.

• Ways to create the right “tone” - how to project the overall message of your presentation through your personality and your intention.  In other words, how to “act” your piece.

I have also been a book editor and playwright, so I can help you simplify phrasing and cut redundant or unnecessary material - as we do with new plays!  Each case is different - should you get right to the point, or keep them in suspense?  What’s most effective? - Bill Youmans

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Remote Online Coaching via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Webex
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