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Remote Coaching

Do you spend time communicating virtually? We all do sometime, and now we do it often - or all the time. To be a very good virtual communicator, you must sharpen your skills and enhance your virtual presence.

Spend some time with Mike Jousan. He is experienced and skilled in this medium and works with executives in many major corporations. He will work with your teams and with you personally.

For pricing and scheduling….

Call 480-443-4683 or e.mail


Remote Online Coaching via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Webex
Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking
Be a Great Executive Speech MakerCommunicate Up to senior executives
Make Customers Love You! (customer service)
Communicate ConfidentlyHandle Media Appearances
Make presentations in English when it's not your first language
Communicating Effectively With the Japanese
Presentation Coaching by a Broadway Actor

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