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Book: Don't Let The Messenger They Shoot Be You!

Don't Let The Messenger They Shoot Be You! A Survival Guide to Public Speaking

Don't Let The Messenger They Shoot Be You!
A Survival Guide For Public Speaking

"Wherever you are going,
you will get there faster when you communicate better!" - C Mike Jousan

If you are a top executive or if you were recently hired and are starting your career . . . you should develop your public speaking skills. You will become more confident, comfortable, and convincing in every communication situation.

In ancient times, messengers did not live to a ripe old age. Many were shot because people did not like the message! It still happens in the 2000's!

We shoot the messenger! Someone, somewhere is making a speech or a business presentation. Audiences listen attentively at the outset . . . but as the speaker drones on, or gets into a losing battle with audio visual equipment, they load their guns (figuratively) and they shoot the messenger. People sleep, start side conversations, and make decisions not to buy a product, or try an idea.

Don't Let The Messenger They Shoot Be You! is an easy to read and follow A to Z guide for public speaking. From Adrenalin to Zipper, this book is loaded with tips for the communicator.

Read this book and follow the suggestions and tips To decrease your chances of being shot!

Soft Cover -128 pages

$12.95 plus $5.80 shipping and handling in U.S.A. (call or e.mail for international shipping rates)

Audio Book: $15.00 (download) available for $9.99 Kindle Edition - Kindle bookstore.

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Our soft cover book and audio book are available directly through Clear Communication Co. To order you can call Vicky Jousan (480)443-4873 or FAX your order using this FORM (PDF-file)

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