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Book: Trash Those Junk Words: Make Your Point Clearly

Trash Those Junk Words, Make Your Point Clearly

Trash Those Junk Words
Make Your Point Clearly

After a recent speech, someone offered me his thought;

"After forty years in the business world, my favorite reminder is the acronym E.P.I.C. - Every Problem Involves Communication!"

You will find communication skills on virtually every list and survey of what is important in the business world. When we ask questions such as - What do my managers need most? How can we stay competitive? What do I need to succeed? The answers will invariably include Better Communication.

One of the best ways to make instant improvement as a communicator is to Trash Your Junk Words! Want to send your audience from the room? End a conversation? Make someone change the channel? Then litter your speech or conversation with "junk words," Don't be known by the number of "uh's" you speak per minute or how often you say, "you know."

How can you trash your junk words? Videotape or record yourself to hear how terrible they sound. Practice rock solid eye contact to keep your brain and your language focused. Learn to pause so you can stop talking just before you utter the junk word.

This book offers practical tips and advice.

(Available in e-book version for $9.99) Kindle Edition - kindle bookstore

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