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A Tale of Two Restaurants

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A Tale of Two Restaurants

In the course of two days I ate in two restaurants. The first was the H&H Coffee Shop in El Paso, Texas, It’s a Mexican restaurant near downtown and is connected to a car wash. It’s been publicized as a great restaurant which is also a “dive.”
Two days later I was in New York City on 56th Street. I ate at Patsy’s - an Italian restaurant. Patsy’s is renowned as having been Frank Sinatra’s favorite restaurant. It’s walls are adorned with pictures of famous people who have dined there.
These restaurants are different in many ways…side street in El Paso - theater district in NYC…one surprisingly inexpensive and one VERY expensive…one with a counter and three tables, the other with two floors of tables with white table cloths and fine china…one with people living in the neighborhood or getting their cars washed…the other filled with people dressed in their finery and spending the limit of their expense accounts.
One thing in common; the food at both is EXCELLENT! The lesson is that you can find excellence in unexpected and unlikely places. That reminds me of communication!
I am frequently asked to describe the “profile” of a great communicator. I don’t; because I can’t! I have tried…e.g. years of experience, professional training, rank in the company, college degrees, handsomeness/beauty, exciting professions, etc. But the moment I think I have it, someone comes along who is lacking in all the usual expected qualities…and they are EXCELLENT communicators!
So, here’s my bottom line… all of the great communicators I know have one thing in common: they are GENUINE. So work on all your skills, observe other communicators, read, practice…But whatever else you do, the bottom line will always be…to be yourself - be GENUINE.

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