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moment of truth

The Moment of Truth - how you talk

In customer service a “moment of truth” is a point of contact that gives the customer an opportunity to form or change an impression about the company.

One of my long standing clients is Proctor & Gamble. They describe their products as having two “Moments of Truth.” The first moment of truth is which product you choose in the store. The second moment of truth is whether the product measures up to the standards you expect…does it work!

I often compare this marketing strategy to you and me as we communicate by talking. We have two moments of truth. The second is the work we do every day: the contacts, conversations, reports, emails, phone calls… The first moment of truth is when we get that assignment to make a presentation for a big meeting or important conference. That moment will be just you and me…and perhaps a powerpoint.

Now, here’s the significant truth…people look at and listen to you and me - our communication skills - and assume, “That’s the way he does his business!” 

How important is that first moment of truth…? Two colleagues of mine have just interviewed for new jobs. They did a serious amount of investigation, “intelligence”. and preparation - the Second moments of truth. Then I helped them practice their interview skills. They each did an excellent job in the interviews. And…they got the jobs!! - The First Moments of Truth!

So when you have that BIG interview or meeting coming…call me, and I’ll work with you. But remember what’s going on with you every day, in every work and social situation. I strongly believe that every speech, presentation, meeting appearance is another “Job Interview.” You never know when you will be judged by those first moments of truth!

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