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About C Mike Jousan

C Mike Jousan

C. Mike Jousan is an internationally recognized speaker who is one of our nations experts on communication. Educated in his native Texas, with graduate study in advanced communications, he received an honorary doctoral degree in 1976. Mike ran for U.S. Congress in 1978 and served as consultant to the Ford Foundation.

In his varied career, he has worked as a college fundraiser, an economic development consultant, a salesperson, a political adviser, a political candidate, and a corporate education trainer. In 1988, he founded Clear Communication Company, a consulting firm specializing in all forms of person to person communication. He is the author of the books, Don't Let The Messenger They Shoot Be You! A Survival Guide For Public Speaking, Trash Those Junk Words! Make Your Point Clearly and Stop Talking Before They Stop Listening.

In consulting with corporations, he helps clients become more effective by projecting a positive visual and vocal image. He coaches executives, sports celebrities, and political candidates in on-camera comfort and confidence in high pressure circumstances. He projects a wonderful blend of energy, intelligence, confidence, sensitivity, and humor in his speeches and training sessions.

Mike has worked with companies in 32 countries throughout the world.

Mike's ONLY hobby is golf - anywhere, anytime. He continues to be very active in politics both at the local and national level. He lives in Scottsdale AZ (winter) and Silver City NM (summer) with his wife Vicky and his two Norwich Terriers Lucy and Kacee.

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