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Every Day Is A Job Interview

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Every Day Is A Job Interview

Personal Job Interview - Have you had a job interview recently? Did you get the job.? We can have an outstanding resume, excellent recommendations, upbeat phone conversations or emails…But most of the time we get…or do not get…the job based on our interview. Many times the interview will be the most important presentation we will ever make. The bottom line…make certain that your interview is as good as your job performance will be!
Other Job Interviews - That formal interview will not be your only one. Every day on the job in every meeting or conference you are being judged, Senior executives tell me that they are not just observing how we handle information…but how we handle ourselves! Do you look and sound confident? Able to handle the job you are in…? Ready for a more important job…?
Sales Presentations - I am often providing coaching for persons who are making sales presentations. These presentations are “job interviews” for your company. Will they “hire” your company? The principe is the same as your personal job interview.
Every Day is A Job Interview - A friend of mine is a senior executive in a major construction company. He has that reminder on the wall behind is desk. And the words continue…”Remember that others are always observing your professionalism and assessing your work product.” My personal business experience bears this out. Three of the companies who have been major clients in my career came about as the result of one conversation on a plane ride! The bottom line is that you never know what will happen when you give an answer to the question, “What do you do?”
Any and every contact with a company or organization will be the starting point by which we judge them. I hear these described as “touch points”…”moments of truth”…and very often - “First Impressions.” In order to get to see my friend I mentioned above, you must stop at the front desk where you will be greeted by a person with the title, Manager of First Impressions.
Pay attention, plan, and give your best in all your contacts. And remind yourself…Every Day is A Job Interview!

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