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SCOTLAND - One of my great passions in life is the game of golf! I have been fortunate in connecting the game of golf with my business. I have worked with each of the primary leaders of golf courses - club managers, superintendents (greenskeepers), and golf professionals. I have worked with individual professional golfers and tour players for the LPGA.

I conducted communication courses the Links Management Department at St. Andrews - the most historic golf course in Scotland, the home of golf! Like many of my clients, these individuals are highly competent technically but need improvements in their communication. We talked about making speeches, leading meetings, and inter-club discussions. Part of the session was devoted to media training. As is often the case we are living our lives, doing our jobs, and minding "our own" business. Then something happens, and we must deal with the media. Our handling of such situations can be seen and heard - literally around the world.

Media situations can be tense and pressure-filled when a "problem” occurs. But they can also be "opportunities" to explain a problem or to share good news. Almost all of us will have occasions when we face the media. With training and and practice you can make the camera and microphone your friend.

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