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Germany Photos Licensed by Inmagine to Clear Communication Co

GERMANY - I have been to Germany numerous times as a tourist - sailing down the Rhine, visiting the Romantic Road. I have studied enough German to enable me to survive and make pleasant conversation. Doing business there has added new dimensions to my experience. Daimler AG and Procter & Gamble have large presences and major economic impact.

I have also experienced business travel. When you arrive at a major airport and take a taxi on the Autobahn, you quickly learn what it means NOT to have a speed limit on that major road! You also experience the German attitude toward time; don't be late! And the trains are always on time. Some friends of mine who have worked in Germany and then are assigned to a country in Latin America are culturally "challenged" by more relaxed attitudes toward time.

In communication skills training, there is very little to be done in improving organization and structure. The improvements are in more interesting and energetic delivery. Some of the most impressive presentations I hear are those which combine good structure with appropriate energy. And many of those are in Germany.

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