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French Polynesia


French Polynesia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been! The island name we have all heard is Bora Bora. The country has more than a hundred islands and the clearest, most beautiful water I have ever seen. We chose to explore it by cruise ship which we heartily recommend.

French Polynesia is the 30th country where I have conducted seminars. Papeete is the capitol city on the island of Tahiti, and the second most populated island is Moorea where I worked. I conducted a seminar at the Moorea Green Pearl Golf Course. People in the golf industry say that resorts like this often depend almost totally on the location and beauty of the golf course. All that is true! But the more successful courses pay attention to the services they offer. Who are the people you meet? How do they treat you?

I was there to offer a seminar which included customer service and communication. We discussed the principles of customer service and how to communicate that service. Part of the seminar was conducted through a translator. I enjoy this because I can listen to my words in the other language (French) and watch the reaction of the audience.

The main business of these islands is tourism. The scenery is spectacular, the guides and leaders were superb, and you are treated royally. So…add this country to your bucket list: absorb the fascinating culture, enjoy the scenery, eat the French-inspired food, and the best of all - go underwater and meet the fish and stingrays face-to-face. Incredible! And if you are a golfer, be sure to play at Moorea Green Pearl.

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