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ENGLAND - I have been to England numerous times beginning as a college student. I have seen every tourist attraction and have remained connected with a number of friends. My business experience has taken me throughout the country - from Manchester in the north down to Hove on the English Channel. I have worked in downtown London and nearby towns and villages.

George Bernard Shaw gave us the following wisdom, "England and America are two countries separated by a common language." Every time I travel there, I brush up on those few words and phrases which are different than ours. It's part of knowing the audience - particularly when you are the principle speaker!

Virtually every company or organization in England has its connection or counterpart in the US. Through wars and peace we have remained totally connected, and this makes doing business very accommodating and easy. When people ask me what adjustments I make in my training and seminars, I reply, "very little." I do pay particular attention to the proper side of the road to drive on, and I know exactly what they think when I say "Football."

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