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Dominican Republic Photos Licensed by Inmagine to Clear Communication Co

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - The Dominican Republic has a rich history. Columbus landed there in 1492, The capitol, Santo Domingo, was the first permanent European settlement in the Americas. It shares the island of Hispaniola with the nation of Haiti. Be sure you visit the Ciudad Colonial area which is a World Heritage Site and includes the first cathedral and castle. The coastal area includes a number of resorts and famous golf courses.

If you are a baseball fan, you need to visit the Dominican Republic! More than 27% of major league players were born outside the US. The Dominican Republic has the largest number of those players. Even non baseball fans have heard of Sammy Sosa. Throughout every city and village you see numerous baseball fields and young players. It seems like every person you meet has a family or friend connection with a major league player.

My time there was spent with the large electric power company EGE Haina. They provide electric power in the usual fashion, but are leaders in developing alternative sources. The seminar was in communication skills in English. While many persons speak English, they are always working to improve their confidence and security when speaking.

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