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Are you sitting down??.

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Are you sitting down??

Have you heard or said that recently?  We use those words to prepare someone for what’s coming - -good or bad!  Think about sitting.  Are we sitting too much?   Are you sitting down as you read this?  I offer you two ideas about Sitting: Health and posture and communication.

The new addiction…Some people describe sitting as the new addiction…like smoking once was!  Look at yourself and others…as I travel in many places in the world, I see people sitting, facing their phone or laptop.  Not just in their office or cubicles but on the subway, metro, Bart or tube - New York, Moscow, Mexico City and all points east and west.  We sit during meetings, when on conference calls, or just at our desks.

Health and posture - What can you do…?  Limit your sitting time.  Get up and walk around,  Sit up straight.  Get a device that hooks up to you and beeps when your posture droops.  A friend of mine is the CEO of his company.  He has no chair in his office.  He can be found sitting in a conference room during meetings…but not in his office!  He is convinced that he and everyone who comes into his office gets to the point faster when standing.  His posture is positive and he is one of the most energetic persons I know.  
Communication.  Communication is always about the content and ideas we are expressing. But it is always significantly affected by what we look like and sound like.  I once studied broadcasting.  I learning about organizing and planning information - creating headlines - putting the most important information first - shorter, direct sentences, - active rather than passive voice.  But I also learned about how to deliver.  I remember vividly the advice, Sit like you’re standing!

I once heard a man describing his achievements and successes in life.  He grew in a poor ghetto.  In order to improve his life, his father gave him two pieces of advice: dress like you’ve got business to do, and walk like you’ve got someplace to go!  Do you walk and stand with a purpose?  Do you create a positive impression and perception.
As a specific example…I am constantly hearing complaints about lack of positive energy in conference calls.  Whenever possible, stand instead of sitting. If if we cannot see you, we can hear a difference in your energy. And if for any reason you cannot stand…Sit like you’re standing!

Mike Jousan

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