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What you have and how you talk about it.

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What you have and how you talk about it.

What do these three situations have in common…a person who participates on a panel…a person who builds and installs cabinets in garages…an exterminator who removes bees from your house? They all have something - something of value - and they are able to talk about it in interesting and often fascinating ways.

They love what they have! - Isn’t it easier talk about something you love…? Of course! What about bees, garage cabinets, insurance…? The three persons above love what they do. If you don’t love what you have, learn to love it. Think about the value others get. Tell your best stories about businesses growing, people happier, futures more secure. I am not going to become a bee expert, but I certainly understand them better. And he took care of the bees!!

They “work on” how to talk about it. - No matter how good and interesting something is, you need to “work on” how you talk about it. Plan, organize, and practice what you have to say. The person who was on the panel is in the insurance business. He was the most “interesting” person on the panel! He will tell you that he was not “born that way.” He has devoted time, effort, and practice on his delivery - in presentations, meetings, and conferences calls.

Here’s what the three have in common - They make you want what they have! - The insurance person on the panel “nailed” his appearance, and his company’s reputation was enhanced. We bought the cabinets, and our garage looks like we can entertain in it! Virtually everyone in our neighborhood has called the “bee man”, and we all are now bee-free! Here’s the bottom line…If you have something: an idea, a product, a plan, a budget…and you know it, understand it, believe in it, and LOVE it…you must make others feel that same way. That is communication!

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