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Do You Present Like a Turtle or Superman?

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Do You Present Like a Turtle or Superman?

When you make a speech or presentation are you a turtle or superman? The issue in communication is how we handle PRESSURE. When a turtle senses pressure (Danger or surprise) the turtle goes back inside his shell. His head and feet disappear!

Superman handles pressure in a different way! Remember that Superman was really Clark Kent a mild-mannered reporter at the Daily Planet with bow tie, large glasses, and a typewriter. When pressure (Danger, crisis) came, he changed clothes, flew out the window, and handled the problem!

When I look out at audiences seated before me I always see… Superman, Superwoman, people filled with confidence, and business savvy. Then the person is called to the front of the room or gets a difficult question…
then I see turtles and Clark Kent! The energy level drops, the body language becomes less secure, and “junk words” jump into the middle of what was clear, direct information.

The challenge is to remember the person who you are when you are NOT under pressure: confident, smart, clear, & clever. Now, take that person to the front of the room or into any other pressure situation! And remember you do not have to be superwoman or superman! Just be your best self, and don’t be a turtle!

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