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Is There A Human Being There?

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Is There A Human Being There?

Representative. Representative! REPRESENTATIVE!

I hear that often coming from my office. That tells me that someone is on the phone, has followed the instructions, exhausted the number of options to press, and in desperation is asking the question, ”Is There A Human Being There?”

We have Incredible technology - unimagined by our ancestors or even those who lived a few years ago. I love it that a device tells me exactly how many yards I am away from the pin from where I am standing in the fairway. I can make a decision with my customers in Brazil in a few seconds. My GPS tells me to turn right at the next intersection. And was it Yogi Berra who said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” Can it get any faster or accomplish more incredible things? Of course!

But my business is helping people talk to one another, and I have never been busier! People want to have more than an email or a text or an IM. Some businesses make you check your electronic devices at the meeting door. Some families set aside times when no texting is allowed.

One example - we have a tankless hot water system that stopped working. My wife would not permit me to do more than simply “look” at the extremely complicated mechanism on the wall! So we called the company, explained our problem, and were instructed to call Sarah. We did. Sarah talked with us, guided us through the process, and produced a somewhat simple and relatively inexpensive solution. We now have wonderful hot water again.

The bottom line: We love our hot water. We love the company Seisco. But most of all…we love Sarah - the human being who talked to us! So use your technology for all that it’s worth. It can help you communicate better, run your business more profitably, even save your life!! But the most important bottom line in business - and in life - will always be…talking to other human beings!

Mike Jousan

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