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  • Who's your favorite communicator?
  • Is it someone in your company?
  • Someone who you heard speak at a seminar?
  • Someone who you see on television?  

I ask this question in my seminars.  Often people mention famous individuals or prominent business or political leaders…Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey…But the answers sometimes are more surprising… my uncle who tells great stories around the dinner table…the police officer who conducted the traffic school I attended - ooops!  (Maybe I was speeding just a bit!)

Here are two of my recent favorites:  A great sandwich and a meat lesson.

A Great Sandwich.  If you are in downtown Cincinnati at the lunch hour, pay a visit to the Wich on Sycamore.  There you will meet Elliot Jablonsky - the owner and the person who takes your order.  I promise you that you will feel "special."  He will look you right in the eyes, pay perfect attention to you, guide you to one of his special dishes, or help you design whatever you want. The entire experience is outstanding - from placing your order to receiving your plate.  And did I mention…you will get a great sandwich!

A Meat Lesson.  My wife and I were on a golf trip to Scotland and stayed in the "wee" city of Dornoch.  While taking a walk down one of the streets, we stopped in a butcher shop.  There we met a woman named Helen.  She and her brother own the store.  In a five minute period of time we had an exceptional meat lesson - from where they graze the cows, to the way the meat is inspected and regulated, and why it tastes so good!  An amazing experience!

Who are your favorites?  Why do you like them?  I'll bet that they are people who are just "talking" to you - naturally!  So remember…Good communicators come in all shapes and sizes, all manner of advanced degrees (or none), from virtually every country on the earth, and often in very surprising and seemingly unlikely places.  There are no perfect standards or guidelines for being a great communicator,  Why shouldn't the best communicator in the room be you!

Mike Jousan


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