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Get To The Point

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Get To The Point!

A presentation is not like a mystery story. We read hundreds of pages and thousands of words to reach the last page and found out that the butler did it! A presentation is not like a long joke or story where we finally get to the
punch line.

Has this happened in one of your meetings…? Someone has talked for
a few minutes, then five minutes, and someone asks, “Excuse me, where is this going?” Or, “What’s the bottom line?” What they are asking is really a statement…get to the point!

Attention spans continue to get shorter – every day! Don’t fight this
reality with a long, drawn out speech or presentation. Don’t bore us with
a preamble, background information, or endless details. Remember that
audiences hear BEST what they hear FIRST. Your strategy should be to
stop talking BEFORE they stop listening! So determine your key point and begin with that! If you start with your point, we won’t have to think or even ask you to…get to the point.

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