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Help Your Audience Invest in You!

Someone told me recently that he invested in a company after hearing a speech by the Chairman. Have you ever heard this or expressed it yourself? "I heard about something, bought some of it, and liked it so much I invested in the company." Let's apply this to the medium of spoken communication, Your goal should be to help your audience invest in your idea, plan, or product.

First they must hear. You must have enough volume, so that we can hear you. Also you must have a good sound system. I attend events where massive amounts of money have been spent on arrangements - and not enough on the sound system. Next time you attend the theater, pause at the end of the play and look at the sound system. It's a highly technical and precision system. Treat your voice, inflections, and energy with that same care.

Next, you want them to buy. Is what you're selling (product, idea, or plan) the only one of its kind? Very likely it's not! So you cannot just let them hear what you've got - you must sell it. Use all your communication tools to make what you have interesting and meet the needs and solve the problems of the audience.

And finally, get them to invest. Actors say that they are never satisfied with simply studying the character and learning the script. They want the audience to invest in the core of the character. Have you been to a play, a movie, or even a business meeting which "moved" you or "touched" you? Of course you have! The reason this happens is that the person who is communicating "gives" of themselves. And in return gets the audience to Invest in them and what they have.

Make this your goal: do such an outstanding job so that people will want to invest in you!

Mike Jousan

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